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Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Free

Just look at the world around you. Not the everyday metropolitan jungle of glass skyscrapers, the maze of concrete highways and the bustling traffic of people. Find and view the natural world. A quiet horizon, a silent tree-lined countryside scene, a scenic sunset, a postcard-like panorama of mountains, hills, streams, forests. The best that nature can offer. Find time for that perfect getaway. Alone. By yourself. With only God's creations. Then take them all in. Open up and observe with the senses. Then wonder at the beauty and serenity. Be awed by the vividness and vibrance of colors, of cascading hues, pastel tints here and there, the depth of shadows and silhouettes, subtle light reflections peering through. It is overwhelming. Words are inadequate to describe the view. Even the senses are insufficient and are enveloped by the atmosphere of calm and complexity, silence and simplicity. My gratitude to the Creator for coloring this world and making it available for all of us...for free. (Photo location: Montemaria, Batangas, Philippines)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who found time to visit this blog, especially those who dropped a line at the Message Box. Your comments are deeply appreciated. Sorry if I missed to mention some of you but anyway special thanks to Mavik, Lawstude, Dodong, Randy, Sidney, Akinol, Barb, Dailyphotographer, The Ten O'Clock Habit, Eds, Mark Austria, APFC, Nicholas, Jade, William, Sammy, Yolanda, Barbara, Patricia, Andrew, Lucy, Gerald, Ami, Olivia,Natalie, Laagan, Tommy and Jolin. God bless all of you in this journey we call Life.


The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I certainly agree, our busy lives in the concrete jungle is what makes us yearn to escape to the natural world out there and appreciate what God made for us.

junsjazz said...

Thank u bro! I hope you don't mind if I link your blog to mine...good luck in your travels!

jessforget said...

right.. the buisy life in the city makes me look for ways to escape to the province and commune with mother nature.

PS. been visiting ur site sir and mejo matagal din kayo nakapag update.. :) god bless

junsjazz said...

Thanks jess! medyo matagal akong di nakabalik dito sa first blog ko at inatupag ko flickr and my other blogs plus nagtayo pa ko ng internet radio station...hehe...daming libangan...anyway salamat for adding me sa blog mo, galing ng mga pics mo bro! keep on clicking!

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